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Welcome. You have a reached a page containing data on the genetics of SLE.
Please search below for genetic associations with SLE. The data is taken from the European GWAS detailed in the following paper. Please cite when making use of these data:
Bentham J*, Morris DL* et al. Genetic association analyses implicate aberrant regulation of innate and adaptive immunity genes genes in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus Nature Genetics 2015. doi:10.1038/ng.3434

A literature review of all SLE associated loci can be found HERE

(NOTE: Summary association statistics for the complete 1000 genomes imputed data are available here. Please make sure you filter for imputation quality (IMPUTE INFO score) depending on your needs.

To search for a single SNP insert the chromosome number and SNP ID.
To search for a range of SNPs insert the lower and upper positions (base pair: Human Genome build 19, UCSC build 37).
To search for associations below some p-value threshold insert the threshold value in the "P-Value Below" field

Click "No" under 'Imputed' if you require genotyped data only
Ckick "Both" under 'Imputed' together with an INFO threshold if you require Imputed and genotyped data
These data inlcude all 1000 genome imputed variants.

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